There´s something that´s been vexing me for sometime and I don’t have the answer.

We all want to create the “killer” game (at least people that write games do). IMHO the killer game was Wolfenstein. It brought on the new generation of game playing. No longer were people stuck watching a ball bounce back and forth on a flat 2D playing field. No longer were people bored at dragging cards around to form suits and runs. No longer were people watching Mario jump over drainpipes and knock down turtles. So where have we gone and where is the next “killer” game.

Jeff Tunnell puts it best when he says “build a great game”. That´s all it is. Something great. Something you can stand back, admire, and be proud to father. Trouble is, what does that mean or look like? We all think about the next revolution in gaming. A FPS with RPG qualities. Or some MMORPG with adaptive behaviour. Or something else. What is that something else?

I certainly don´t have the answers, otherwise I´d be writing it. There´s an old saying. We don´t need a revolution, we need an evolution. Is that what the gaming industry needs? Something to turn things on it´s head and backwards? Or are we content with pumping out the same, albeit prettier, content game after game? Sure technology has advanced. So much so that you can buy a fully capable game engine for $100 bucks that will deliver any world you can imagine. The trouble isn´t the technology, and it´s not the content. It´s that gap between the two that will make you stand out from the rest and people will step back and admire the missing link.