I thought it was about time to split out and create a new forum for SimExplorer discussions. SimExplorer (based on download counts and talking to people) is one of the most popular programs on this site so I figured it deserved it’s down forum. I’ve been working on the new version of SimExplorer all weekend (the most Sims work I’ve done in a long time in such a stretch, usually it’s an hour here or an hour there) and would like to gather feedback and discuss things. It’s an open forum so the testers will be in there talking about the new version.

The big question with SimExplorer is HOW do you want to view resources? What I mean is, how should SimExplorer present the information to you to be most effective in whatever you do with it. That, I think, is the key to making SimExplorer the #1 tool for The Sims and making it worth your time using it. Let me know what you think by making your way to the forum and lets collaborate. See you there!

You can access the new SimExplorer forum directly via this link here.