I thought I would toss out a bit of a challenge for you gifted graphical designers out there. Here’s the current MP3 player that’s built into SimExplorer:

Pretty crap-tastic huh? So if you’re up for the challenge, come up with a better design (hell, anything at this point would be better) and submit it. Obviously it needs the basic controls like play, stop, rewind, etc. but be creative. Imagine what WinAmp for The Sims should look like.

It can be done with your favorite paint program or whatever (scribble it on a napkin and scan that for me). Best designs will go up on the site for voting and your design will become the new MP3/WAV/XA player for the new SimExplorer (full credit, free copy of the software, all that great stuff). I can’t promise I can implement any design, but I’ll do my best to be true to your graphical nature.

So get your crayons out and start scribbling.

PS This is news post #600 for SimsTools! Yay team.