Thought I would mention a couple of other Sims sites that have been kicking around for quite sometime and worthy of mention here. These guys have been on the Sims scene almost (if not longer) than I have. As I dwindled to a dull roar in the past couple of years with the game, these guys have continued to press on and are producing some really nice programs.

SimPrograms is Judson Hudson’s site (I still can’t get over this guys name). He quietly churns out tools and ideas and is quite the 3D artist and programmer now (even if it is VB, someday he’ll pick up a real language . In the last week, Jud has pumped out 3 new programs for The Sims including a neat little thing that lets you change the T.V. screens in your objects. Very cool stuff.

Steve Bonham and his crew got things started up awhile ago as what was the biggest Sims site, The Sims Resource, was shifting gears. The Sims Workshop is probably the premier place to go and get new tools from now and what I consider the epicentre for cool stuff as it relates to The Sims (yes, even cooler than here). It was to created to bring all creative talents of the Sims community into one place, for discussions, learning and sharing knowledge and has done a fantastic job of it so far. Home to over 100 Sims programs, you can’t go wrong here. I’m just jealous I didn’t write them all, but we’re only human I guess.