Hi guys,

I have the day to finish the release for the testers of the new SimExplorer. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pursue a certain path of development, so I had to shift back to a more traditional way of doing things. Oh well. There’s still lots of neat stuff being updated in SimExplorer that people have been asking for (auto-interpreting BCF files is one of them) so it’s all good.

I get asked to make Mac versions of my tools all the time, (no, the screenshot below is not my program) unfortunately I’ve never been able to find the time to pursue this. I did however want to point you to a great site for what looks to be a great Mac tool. IFFSnooper has been around for quite sometime but it looks really impressive. Actually the update to SimExplorer uses a layout similar to the one below for previewing walls as I thought it was a better implementation than I did (hope Peter doesn’t mind). So if you have a Mac and want to poke around in your IFF files check it out here.