Hi guys,

Okay, so maybe I’m just being annoying now but I’m really pumped about the new SimExplorer. I have a couple of things to do tonight but will be sending it out to the test group later (thanks to everyone who donated their time). Things have been going swimmingly and I think I’m over my Sims slump. Writing tools for the game is fun again.

First off, this is a rewrite (using snippets of code) from the previous version. All memory bugs and whatnot are gone and performance has been increased quite a bit. There are also a lot of new features like integration with the Windows menu (right click on a file and you can do whatever you would normally do with Windows Explorer to that file, send to a mail recipient, copy/cut/paste, etc.). Also some more resources support has been added and the ability to browse any directory is there now.

Basically it should have all the features people have been wanting for sometime. Yeah, I know it’s been like a coons age (whatever that amounts to) getting this stuff done but you get what you pay for right?

Now it’s off to the other 10,000 things I have on my Sims TODO list as well as cracking into the new Sims 2 file formats. Seeya.