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Month: July 2004

Goodbye IE, hello FireFox!

I’ve been using FireFox for a while now. Recently there’s been a lot of crap about IE and another exploit of the day (FireFox isn’t without it’s problems too). With every new version it just gets better, as well the constant availability and improvement of all sorts of extensions to it, as well as a growing number of themes to make it look even better.

They also have a built in Google Toolbar. It even supports features not available in the Google-provided IE toolbar! It has an amazing extensible search functionality:

And here’s an absolutely must-have extension that allows me to open those everytime-less-often pages that can only be browsed with IE:

Very cool stuff. The Web Developer menu you see has tons of great stuff when building web pages as well (like showing image sizes, hiding tags, validation, and more). Basically an essential tool in any web developers box.
Of course I have to find the time now to update this website to be FireFox compatible. I use CSS styles for positioning which, at the time, was a good idea. It’s just more trouble than it’s worth now and now looking at this site in FireFox things are little messed up.

Simventory Update

Hi guys,

There seems to be a pretty big value in advancing Simventory so in between bug fixing on SimExplorer I’ve taken a stab at getting Simventory off the ground. Below is the initial screenshot (click on it for a larger version that will open in a new window). Once the files are scanned, you select the game filter from the side bar. I think I’ll add a “User Created” filter or something that will let you only see the items that you’ve downloaded. The file list isn’t complete as right now it’s only tearing through IFF files so I have to load them up, count the objects and insert them instead of just the file resource, but you get the idea. Let me know if you have any ideas on where this should go as I’m just trying out different approaches to get the most effective use for the tool. I spent most of this morning looking around for other “inventory” type programs to see how they presented info so grabbed a few ideas from those. Reports and charts are next on showing you things like the total value of the objects or breakdown of object value by category.

UPDATE: I’ve updated the program to scan through IFF files and list the objects within and their price in the main display. The images below reflect this.