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Day: August 13, 2004

Quick Update

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on what’s happening. Yes, things are still moving on this side of the fence. I just haven’t spent a lot of time lately with The Sims as lots of Work 1.0 stuff is being released and that’s consuming my brain matter right now.

As for the plan, the release of the new SimExplorer is imminent so that’s needs to happen soon. Also some other tools are coming. Not sure what’s going to happen to blueprint itself and The Sims 2 but don’t think it’s a big concern so I haven’t given it too many neurons.

I’m just spending the better part of the next few days rebuilding my system. When you upgrade your motherboard and processor, Windows XP decides that it won’t boot and makes you reinstall everything. Of course on a 80gb drive, it’s really hard to back everything up to do a clean install so it’s a juggling act. It only happens once or twice a year when I make a drastic upgrade but this time it’s my development system so now I have to go through the bother of reinstalling all my development tools, libraries, etc.

Anyways, things will be back up and compiling at the blue household shortly. Just wanted to let everyone (all 3 of you that visit this site) that I’m still alive and kicking. Same old story and all that crap. You know the drill. Nothing to see. Move along citizen.