Sometimes I wonder where my brain is. Other times I wonder where other peoples brains are. These two are not necessarily in the same place.

Often when we’re surfing the net (and you’ll notice that I’ve stopped capitalizing Net and Internet, but that’s another blog) you come across various droppings, either left by you (usually in a drunken stupor when you got too close to a computer) or by someone else.

I came across this rather innoculous but intriging image recently which had my name on it:

Okay, I’ll admit it. I go Googling (my term and yes, capitalized because at $105 per share it better be) for myself. Usually it’s to see what crazy things people are saying about me in newsgroups or if there’s any silly stuff that I put out there (drunken stupor or otherwise). Today I hit the “Search Image” button on my toolbar instead of “Search Web” and found this thing.

I did get a kick out of it though as it was a mock-news article someone wrote quite sometime ago about me claiming the copyright to the colour blue (I did not create the image though). Here’s an excerpt:

Bil Simser today left the Sims community reeling when he announced that he had secured a global patent on the colour blue.

Despite his long allegiance to the open-source community, Bil apparently felt obliged to guard all aspects of his long-awaited blueprint application with full legal protection.

Under the current legislation, Sims sites are prevented from using colours falling within the visible light spectrum ranging between 425nm and 500nm, which includes blue-violet right through to cyan.

Funny stuff (well to me it is). Feel free to send me money via PayPal if you decide to use images that fall within my spectrum on your website. I don’t ask for much.

You can view the entire article here.