Well, not much to see because of this:

Yes, I have the lasted video drivers, DirectX, OpenGL, service packs, etc.

So far it looks slick. They’ve done a great job on the production value and the look is very slick. The system crashed on me when I first installed it. I did manage to get in and create a new Sim. The creation process is nice with some nice touches as you create your character (and having it react to what changes you make). Another crash. Then I tried to load him up into a new home. Crash again. I did turn off my real-time virus scan as that sometimes causes problems but c’mon. I’m not turning off my protection from that thing we call the internet when I play a game. So it’s back on again and I can’t get much farther in the game.

Very descriptive crash messages. No logs that I can find. Anyways, maybe as more people find things I’ll get back to actually trying to get into the game and playing it for a few hours. For now it’s off to check out the file formats and start messing with those.