Then I have to head off to work this weekend to fix some things, make some plans for work that’s coming up, draft a few dozen blueprints for new (and old) projects, and generally catch up. However I finally got to sit down tonight and work out some personal-vanity web stuff.

This site has been a bit of a pain for me. It’s all PHP-based which is nice as I can make the pages pretty modular. I think I’ve been successful with that. I’ve abandoned a data-driven website like some of my co-horts but might incorporate it someday for a particular purpose (I still have a TODO for Regan to get a user-editable “Cool Site” link thingy setup) and I’ve wanted to create an online recipie swapper. Found some good PHP based ones that I can hook up to mySQL backend that runs on this server. Just need some time to get things rigged and published.

I have updated the “Freaks and Geeks” links on the sidebar (including Jared’s Magical Robot Blog) and added a few people that I should have got around to awhile ago (although these days not too many people are updating their sites, probably just as few people that read this dribble). In the meantime, I’m doing some recoding on the pages and styles (so some of this may look crappy at times, or crappier than it normally looks) and getting some new photo sections up like our teams participation in the IntensIT competition this year.

So… uh, yeah. Come back later when things look prettier.