The CBC is reporting that the Internet turned 35 today (Man, I’d swear it only looked 29!). The story talks about the less-than-prophetic beginnings of the net: ‘In order to log in to the two-computer network, which was then called ARPANET, programmers at UCLA were to type in ‘log’, and Stanford would reply ‘in’. The UCLA programmers only got as far as ‘lo’ before the Stanford machine crashed.

And hey, it’s my birthday today! What a coinky-dink. 35 is the perfect age. It’s not so old that it can’t attract younger users, but it has enough experience to satisfy even the most advance user. Based on the numbers above though, I’m older than the Internet by a few years although there are some that say the Internet isn’t 35.

According to this article, the internet just turned 20 last year. Here’s one that said it turned 35 last month. Here’s yet another one at a reputable site that has it as 20 years ago, but this was Dec 31, 2002.

Any reason to celebrate, I guess. Happy Birthday to us… and thanks for all the porn!