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Month: October 2004 (Page 2 of 3)

Sims 2 Recolouring

Besides the fact that some people will say I mis-spelt colour, someone has put together a recoloured object for The Sims 2. No details on what he’s done but stay tuned. You can check out the thread here over at the Hackers Resource forums. Enjoy.

Xbox + Keyboard + Mouse = Heaven

This *is* too cool. A nice add-on for your Xbox or PS2 to allow you to plug in a mouse and keyboard.

I’ve always played FPS games on my PC (is there any other way?). Last year I hooked up with the ThoughtWorks guys and would play Halo late into the night. Let me tell you, playing Halo with a game controller is crap.

I kept asking them “why is it so slow” while they were commenting how fast it was? I’m used to doing a 180, fire off a few rounds, and jump back to carry on without breaking a breath in UT or Quake. Halo was painful as I watched the scenery as I lollygagged around.

Now having a keyboard and my XBox (won one at some silly Microsoft architecture touchy-feely thing) together? That just plain rocks. Of course the bitching I hear now from the console purists is that it throws a wrench in the level playing field they claim they had before. People with the mouse/keyboard combo will outplay a controller. Well, duh.

I’m all over MapPoint…

…like a fat kid on a… never mind.

No, this isn’t a SharePoint thing. I don’t know who it is that got me switched but I was reading a blog and lingered over to MapPoint to check out the rumblings. I’m sure thousands of people out there (and the 3 that read this blog) have used MapQuest. Plug an address in, get a map back and directions on how to get there from wherever you want. Very cool stuff.

MapPoint is the Microsoft version of this and it’s pretty slick. Maybe it’s just infrastructure, but I found it much snappier than MapQuest. Also IMHO the maps are better looking and you can reduce all the clutter that’s usually on a map and print out just want you want.

Like I said. Cool stuff. Yeah, a geek that gets hyped about a website and it’s not porn. Probably something wrong there that I’ll talk to a therapist about someday.

While it’s relatively straightforward to produce126 inch by 200 inch + maps in strips with MapInfo (a desktop GIS mapping tool) using a large format plotter, you can do it with MapPoint


Check out “Huge Detailed Maps With MapPoint 2004” in a recent newsletter


And finally Eric Frost, besides being a cool name for an X-Man villian, is the Editor and Publisher of MP2K Magazine and has an RSS feed for MapPoint articles:


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