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Glamping 2009 – Day 2 – Dead Battery

Waking up after a night of somewhat restful slumber (as much as you can have at a hotel in the middle of nowhere) the first things you shouldn’t hear are “Did you leave the cooler turned on in the truck last night?”.

Yeah. We have a cooler that plugs into the truck and it ran all night long. On the positive side, everything in it was still icy cold. On the negative side we had a truck that didn’t serve much purpose as a vehicle to travel in. A quick call to road side assistance and about 10 minutes later, we had a boost and we were off to the nearest Tim Hortons (luckily just across the parking lot) and on the road.

Glamping 2009

Stranger in a strange land? I find some road signs amusing, where locals will find them the norm. Apparently there’s a badger problem in British Columbia, enough so that they have badger crossings. I think they’re definitely related to the vicious vampiric badgers and not just your regular run of the mill badgers.

The trip today was 5 or so hours with a short puking episode in the local Dairy Queen at Cache Creek (sorry guys, we did clean up). Then up the road and we were there. Finally. The vacation begins. And so does the unpacking.

V got into the spirit of things with some water sports. The kind of sports being tossing rocks into the water and then following them in, just to be sure they’re in the right spot. No worries because hey, she’s a kid and water and kids just go together. Like Nutella and Peanut Butter.

Glamping 2009

You know dinner time with kids? The unpredictable time when you don’t know if they’re going to eat, fight, or just be crazy little people. With Vista its always an adventure. Sometimes she engorges herself with whatever the flavour of the day is, other times she nibbles like a bird (then wakes us up at 3am because she’s hungry).

Camp food is interesting as you can never tell what you’re going to be having. There’s a campfire ban in B.C. (due to dry conditions and existing forest fires in various locations) so no open fires are allowed. Bummer. Having hot dogs roasted over an open fire is a treat. In any case, dinner tonight was hot dogs, hamburgers and corn. And yeah, V apparently *loves* corn. We knew she liked it but she gobbled down half a cob. Then another. Then another. Then another. (see a pattern forming here?). Finally she polished off a full cob. Oh yeah, to finish that off she had another. one.

Glamping 2009

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the diaper changes tomorrow.

You can view the entire Flickr set for this trip here.

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  1. Vixen

    No one can resist corn on the cob. No one, not even V.

    The pictures are great. Glad you are there and having a good time. Say hi to Jen for me.