V’s fairly traumatic escapade with the dunk in the lake (she’s still repeating “I fall in water” over and over again) didn’t mean we were going to keep her away from the water. After all, we are at a lake so the wet stuff is all around us.

This doesn’t mean we’re evil parents and will toss our 2 year old into the water to test if she weighs the same as a duck. If she didn’t want to go, we weren’t going to force her. However we wanted to try to get her back near the water as soon as possible so she didn’t implant the notion that water == bad and never go near it again. I know of events that can send children over the edge so much that even a bath would be a traumatic event.

Glamping 2009

We had the pleasure of spending a few hours on a pontoon boat heading out to the only island at McLeese Lake, luckily owned by Jenn’s cousin’s grandmother (don’t even ask me to try to translate that relation into something more descriptive). V was a little distant on the boat but not skittish or anything and eventually calmed down and enjoyed the ride (I remember even a few smiles coming out of her on the way back from the island).

The grandmother bought the island for $25 back when you could buy islands (before 1933). A tradition on the island (started years ago) was to put a plaque on a rock in the middle of the island for members of the family who have passed on. The first plaque (it’s believed) is the grandmother who lived from 1883-1963. The latest plaque was placed there a few months ago for Bob who was born in 1915.

Glamping 2009

An fitting allegory for the family members and a tradition that will live on throughout the years, long past it’s inhabitants.

After the trip to the island we spent a good night with the kids at the lake. Mike was having a great time being tossed around in an inner tube on the lake and V just chilled on the shore refilling the lake with rocks.

Glamping 2009

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