Heading home after vacation is always a chore and a task, and a pleasant relief.

Found DVDs! Days ago we went hunting for V’s DVD collection. We brought it with us to keep her occupied. After all what do you do with a two year old in a car for 12 hours? The set included about a dozen Signing Time DVDs, The Wiggles, a couple of Baby Einstein, and a brand new Winnie the Pooh – Friendship Edition that I bought days ago (as a replacement for her other copy which is worn out now).

Panic sunk in as we thought we lost them. I mean, it’s about $2000 to replace all these DVDs and it’s not something you want to lose (especially after potentially losing my Flip video camera). However as we were travelling home today they magically showed up!

The lost DVDs from the last few days were found courtesy of Mike. I seriously tore that cab apart trying to find them. Then Jenn did. Then her mother. Jenn’s mother who could find virginity at a co-ed dorm couldn’t find the DVD case. All it took was a 16 year old who wasn’t feeling very well to sit in the front seat and say “Are these them?”. Nice.

For dinner it was pizza delivered right to the hotel door. I think the notion of going out for dinner passed in our minds, but passed so quickly that by the time Jenn was paying for the meal, it was just an afterthought. By the way, has anyone noticed how quickly an entire pizza can be consumed by a single 16 year old? I don’t recall being 16 (I think I traded that part of my memory in for a software upgrade) but I swear the only time I could engulf an entire pizza myself was when I was drunk and stupid at the ripe old age of 22. Of course immediately after gobbling down the pasta treat, it came back up (along with the 6 pack I shot gunned).


Glamping 2009

Looks like the first photo of this trip doesn’t it? Nope. It was taken about 120 hours later. I guess things never change.

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