In the last few weeks I’ve been longing to return to model building. You know those plastic kits you get with all the parts attached to a tree that you would break off, glue together, paint, and feel a sense of accomplishment looking over your completed car, truck, or airplane.

I haven’t built a kit for over 35 years but I have looked at them on the shelves whenever I pass them by. I finally took the plunge last week buying a few kits privately and some supplies to get started, again.

One of the first kits I’m starting is one of my favourites from my youth, Rodan (okay, my fav was Godzilla but you can’t be picky these days as this stuff is hard to come by). These were from a line of kits sold by Aurora in the 70s. The kits were reboxed by Polar Lights and sold in the 2000s.

I never built this monster when I was a kid, so yeah, technically this wasn’t my favourite. I remember building a Godzilla (several times) and maybe seeing Ghidorah (the three headed monster) but don’t remember seeing this one. However the Aurora models were just insane and fun. Also something I remember building were the AMT Gigantic series where it was a giant scorpion and tarantula rampaging a small diorama. Have to hunt those down.

On my last outing buying a bunch of models to get back into the swing of things, I picked up a copy of The Incredible Hulk (the Polar LIghts re-issue). Hulk looks great and the box was sealed so can’t wait to crack this guy open.

As I was paying him for the Hulk we were talking about models and he mentioned he had a lot of them and he was willing to sell them too. As he pulled back a cloth in his garage, I noticed he had a Rodan and a Godzilla. Sadly the Godzilla was already assembled but the Rodan wasn’t. Score!

So thus begins another start at building models. Now that I’m an old fart I have some better sense about how to build and paint these things. When I was a kid I would just twist parts off the tree and paint the model at the end.

Armed with a little bit of knowledge now, more patience, and some tools of the trade I think I’m ready to return. More to come…