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Vanity Searching and Google numbers

From time to time, I head out to Google and see how many hits my name brings up. I found some odd drop in numbers. While I’m constantly contributing new content, Google results seems to be dropping? Doing a vanity search for “Bil Simser” used to result in just over 1,000 web pages but now it’s reporting back just under 900 hits. The numbers in newsgroups hasn’t dropped though but what’s strange there is that I usually post about 15-20 new messages a day but the numbers from Google (about 2,500) is pretty constant.

MSN has a technology preview of their new search tool, a Google rival. A search on “Bil Simser” using their service comes up with about 1,400 hits.

Connections and coincidences

I watched 12 Angry Men tonight on the tube. Great flick. That’s one of the great things we have as a society, history on film. 12 Angry Men (with Henry Fonda) is about a murder trial where everyone (but Fonda) is convinced a kid murdered his father. After casting reasonable doubt, the jurors eventually turn and convict. Okay, so I gave away the plot here but the thing is the performances. Watching stuff like this just makes you wonder where are they today? With our flashy multi-million dollar movies, we neglect the simple things in life. Other ones to check out if you’re interested in being entertained rather than amused would be films like Rope, Lifeboat, and Fail Safe. Simple entertainment without gunshots, car crashes and explosions to keep you glued to the set.

As I always find it intriguing about film trivia and tidbits, I hit imdb.com to see what trivia they had for 12 Angry Men. Each film listed (and they have everyone!) has a consistent set of links like trivia, goofs, DVD details, etc. Nothing major on the trivia side for this film but as I was looking through it some neuron fired and I eventually made it to the Manhunter listing (the first appearance of Hannibal Lecter). Checking out the trivia for Manhunter led me to Silence of the Lambs and there was the coincidence.

During the filming of Manhunter, Anthony Hopkins who played Lecter in Lambs was performing King Lear at the National Theatre. Coincidently, during the filming of Silence of the Lambs Brian Cox, who played Lecter in Manhunter was doing what? Performing King Lear at the National Theatre. The Brian Cox connection led me to check out the trivia for X-Men 2 (where Cox played William Stryker). In that trivia was the connection.

Wolverines dog tag numbers from the movie are my Social Insurance Number (SIN), just rearranged. Connection? I’m a big fan of Wolverine and used to draw him in comics back in the mid 80s.

How did I get down this path?

12 Angry Men in imdb.com led to

12 Angry Men (TV version) led to

William Peterson led to

Manhunter led to

Brian Cox led to


Sims 2 Recolouring

Besides the fact that some people will say I mis-spelt colour, someone has put together a recoloured object for The Sims 2. No details on what he’s done but stay tuned. You can check out the thread here over at the Hackers Resource forums. Enjoy.

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