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Sims 2 Modding

My Sims 2 install has stabilized and now I get to check out all the cool stuff in it. Still never have time to play it (but then nobody really “plays” The Sims, I consider it more of a toy than a game). Interesting stuff going in in the modding community as people pick apart file formats and talk about mods. As for any Sims 2 software coming out of this shop, I still need to wrap up on my previous updates that I can return to now.

I’ve added 2 new forums, one on general discussions and one on file formats for The Sims 2 to the forums here. Check it out if you’re interested in these things. Also be sure to check out ModTheSims2.com for lots of great Sims 2 techy info.

No game for you… if you have CD burning software installed

Very interesting thread of conversations (and anger) happening in The Sims community these days.

EA says The Sims 2 will refuse to run if you have Nero, CloneCD or Roxio’s EasyCD installed on the same PC. Although they link to a patch to bypass this, a lot of people are upset by this. One person in the thread has filed with the BBB of San Mateo county. Some people are experiencing the problem, others don’t see it so it’s a crapshoot. A lot of people had the same problem with Doom 3 and CloneCD.

It’s interesting as I don’t have my normal software installed yet, after a few bouts with re-installing XP, I just haven’t got around to it. Normally I would be running Daemon tools so I can mount images that Microsoft sends me and I have Nero installed for burning data backups. I also find it interesting that the Sims 2 support message found here says that the game will not run if it detects “CD/DVD Emulation Software”. They list CloneCD, Nero, and Roxio as some titles. Maybe I’m just green but CD emulation software is what Daemon Tools or Virtual CD offer. Something that lets you mount an ISO image as a real image. I don’t see Nero or Roxio being these as they just offer you the ability to burn CDs.

I do agree with some of the masses. You should not have to uninstall legally purchased software to be able to run a legally purchased game title. I’m somewhat on the fence in that Maxis support is trying to do a balancing act here, but as one posted put it, the warez kiddies and crackers already have a fully working version that doesn’t have this problem. So now I can see there being a large number of legitimate users out there that are in the dark.

Feel free to add your pithy observations about this incident.

Sims 2 – First Impressions…

Well, not much to see because of this:

Yes, I have the lasted video drivers, DirectX, OpenGL, service packs, etc.

So far it looks slick. They’ve done a great job on the production value and the look is very slick. The system crashed on me when I first installed it. I did manage to get in and create a new Sim. The creation process is nice with some nice touches as you create your character (and having it react to what changes you make). Another crash. Then I tried to load him up into a new home. Crash again. I did turn off my real-time virus scan as that sometimes causes problems but c’mon. I’m not turning off my protection from that thing we call the internet when I play a game. So it’s back on again and I can’t get much farther in the game.

Very descriptive crash messages. No logs that I can find. Anyways, maybe as more people find things I’ll get back to actually trying to get into the game and playing it for a few hours. For now it’s off to check out the file formats and start messing with those.

Sims 2 object creation

Sims 2 seems to be out (seeing the Future Shop ads and checking the website here in Cowtown). I’ve been very passive with The Sims for the past few months and haven’t got any information about the formats used for objects, etc. so you guys know as much (if not more) than me. I am looking to pick it up and seeing what they are offering as tools. There’s been talk of people using Maya or perhaps GMAX for The Sims 2 but that has yet to be seen. If you do have any info let me know. From the buzz, people are saying that Maxis is going to be releasing more tools but again, I’ll believe it when I see it. Happy Simming!

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