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Mark Sutherns, the disc editor over at PC Gamer UK, asked me if he could include the latest version of SimExplorer on the next PC Gamer cover disc. I always like seeing my stuff crammed onto a commercial CD so if you’re in the UK check out the mag. There’s also going to be heap of stuff included from The Sims Resource and other Sim goodies.

Hi ho. Just a quickie tonight to say that I’ll have a few updates this weekend. A few changes to some existing programs and hopefully the release of a new version of FarExplorer (FarEdit) if time permits. Seeya.

Heya. Not much news tonight. Pretty busy the last few days so not much time to work on big blue. Just a quick note though. The blogback facility of leaving comments to each of my news posts is a priviledge. Please don’t abuse it by well, abusing it. I don’t have any control over the comments posted there and it’s really just a facility for you to say something. Try to keep it clean kids. Thanks.

Hi guys. New download for the day. I’ve put together over 160 new and funky textures to download and use in creating objects. These are all high-quality, tileable textures in JPG format and very cool looking (check out the screenie below). Just unzip to you Maps directory under blueprint and have at it. Feel free to use them in other 3D programs if that’s your thing too. You can download the maps here or from the texture page. Be warned, the file is a little over 5.5mb, but I think it’s worth it. Enjoy!

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